The Unsexy Truth: You're NOT too busy

lifestyle nutrition Oct 06, 2020



The unsexy truth is...YOU’RE NOT TOO BUSY.


But don’t worry, I can help.


Has “I just don’t have time” been your excuse for the last...well, forever?


Are you constantly feeling overwhelmed by your current schedule?


Do you hardly have time to sleep let alone exercise?


Don’t have time to meal prep or cook or even think about eating right?


Are you so exhausted that you just don’t have time at the end of the day?


I promise you—if I can do it, you can do it.


Despite studying for my Masters, personal training private clients, instructing group exercise classes, running a business, and livin’ a life on the side, I still make time for my health and wellness.


For if we don’t have our health, we have no energy, focus, drive, or stamina.


Making time to eat well and exercise consistently is vital to keep you showing up as your best self in your personal and professional life.


It all comes down to time management sooo... HERE ARE 3 TIPS TO MANAGE YOUR TIME MORE WISELY:


  1. Write it out! Writing out your goals and to-do’s in a plan helps you to visualize your schedule and manage your tasks!


  1. Plan ahead! Set yourself up for success by packing your bags, packing your food, and laying out your clothes or other items the night before.


  1. Hire somebody to keep you accountable. Being held accountable helps to minimize distractions and keeps you on track to achieve the goals you have in mind.


The hours that add up when you’re not paying attention or when you’re distracted will baffle you—you’ll be far more productive when you stick to your plan and have a coach or trainer to keep you accountable.


That’s where I come in with my BS/MS in Nutrition+Exercise Physiology and CSCS certification, you can bet you’ll be in the best hands!


When we work together in your program, we breakdown obstacles like time management, scheduling, and staying on track all of the time! It’s amazing the changes you will see when you are motivated, focused, and held accountable.


Are you ready to get real about reaching your goals? 

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